25 Jul
Does anyone else ever feel like you're sort on un-person? No hopes or dreams or desires or interests or connections or an identity or sense of self???? All that normal people stuff that makes normal people normal??
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27 Jul
I used to have no hobbies or things that I did that was separate from my family or my ex. I think we have to cultivate interests and dreams by trying things with little expectations. Now of course, depression can make that very challenging but not impossible. Finding things that bring my joy at times helps me. We are the creators of our selves. That was a really helpful way to start viewing my life. To stop waiting for it to just sorta happen. There's so much we can't control or change, but there are things we can try to balance it all out 😊 happy to chat more if you're interested 💜
28 Jul
Just it sounds like you’re in the process of reinventing yourself so I’m not surprised you feel that way. Believe it or not that space of being in spiritual limbo like that is considered a gift. It’s an uncomfortable gift for us humans but a gift nonetheless…. What’s next for you?
2 Sep
Sometimes yes
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