27 Nov
I went to a bar last night with some old friends. Had a dr. Pepper and a water. So proud of myself.
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29 Nov
I am so proud of you Zach! Keep going we believe in you !!!
17 Dec
More power to you. I know it must have been hard. Bars are a slippery slope when you are a beginner. I had to stay away from the bars or other people who were drinking. I was scared to death of those kind of places. When I got out of the treatment facility my wife & I were invited to a friends lawn party. My friend made it a point to have non alcohol drinks & sodas just for me. I had never been in that type situation before. My friend offered me a soda pop I took it & drank it. I didn't know how to react & I went to ask if I could have another. My friend said you never asked if you could have another beer when you were still drinking so you don't need to ask about a soda pop. Just grab what you want. That made me feel welcome & relaxed but I had to pee a lot. I got through the day without drinking but I tried to avoid situations like that. I was driving truck in the oil fields & when the day was done the other drivers would go to the bar just to unwind. I was surprised when all my drinks were free. I guess they thought I was the designated driver.
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