Palm TreeAuthor
13 Jul
Does anyone else get moments when you feel fine and then something happens and then you feel like your right back to the day when you lost a loved one? Xx
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13 Jul
Grieving seems to be a “recurvise” process and it’s very natural to still get bowled over by it at times… 7th wave theory is that every 7th wave is the bigger one. It’s why we can be happily playing in the surf and suddenly be ass over teakettle…. When we first start grieving every wave can feel like the big one, but eventually we’ve worked through enough of it that only every 10th wave or so knocks us for a loop. The longer we work it the longer we can stay on our feet…. The more you do the work the longer your peace lasts… I’m sorry you’re having to go thru this….(((hugs)$$
13 Jul
Yes, most days!💕
5 Aug
Daily it sucks
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