Victoria ClarkeAuthor
17 Dec
Wisdo loves 🤍 I pray your all in more faith verses fear during this month of December! I have been beautifully busy in my coaching business with life circumstances coming in and out and some still lingering. With those, I’m staying in faith with god and wearing his armor! That allows me more spaces of love and acceptance of what is not what I want it to be! I will be continue to check in from time to time if your open to sharing how you stay in faith and/or want to achieve faith on your journey! I’m always so honored that I get to show up here with you all Have a healthy and beautiful holidays !
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30 Dec
Beautiful! Faith is a habit for me now. Fear used to be my habit of thoughts! I trained myself to ALWAYS connect with my Leader within. Tethered to His Word Is how I stay grounded in all circumstances! My feelings are present in all circumstances and my focus is always in my faith in knowing that it is God’s Word that envelops me. Amen!
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