Michael EldridgeAuthor
6 Jan
Hello wonderful Wisdo folks! I hope today’s session finds you healthy and well. I’m so honored to have you here. As those of you who have been here before know well, a lot of my coaching work centers around narrative. What stories are we living? What stories are we telling ourselves? Specifically for today: let’s look towards the future. This has been an incredibly hard year on all of us, but there will come a time when things are much easier. Change is inevitable, including positive change. So picture yourself on that day, when you look around and things have changed. When life feels less chaotic, and you’re striding towards your goals. What are you doing on that day? Where are you? Who are you with? What does the world around you look like, sound like? What is your “after” narrative?
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Full Moon
8 Jan
I am a new member & I will be following you! Your words are very uplifting for the spirit! Thank you!😁
13 Jan
I am hoping we will have no more hate ..racism...and masks
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