28 Jul
How do you let go of some1 who broke you beyond repair? As much as you love them, all you feel is resentment and hate. Its poison inside me. I want answers from them ill never get. I want revenge ill never get. I want the pain, thoughts and bad dreams to stop. How can some1 be so evil?
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28 Jul
How do you let go of them? Answer that for yourself. What love inside you, for you, says, “Let go of them for you stand for love.” What answers from them may be right in your very own heart!? How long do you want to cling to the poison? What is forgiveness like for you? Your thoughts can be controlled. Focus on love. The evil can be forgiven and hard to forget. Creating new thoughts around your circumstances will help you alleviate your pain. So focus on love and what all unfolds from that. Have empathy for yourself and be diligent in being love to self which then becomes the love to others. When you stand up for yourself lovingly, which means you are firm, not mean, there is a change that happens. A blooming of love. You become love. Then all that love pours out. You now are healthy to be curious about others pain that causes their evil.
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