7 Jul
Hi! :-}
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7 Jul
Hi Carmen and welcome to our community 🙂 🔅 Wisdo is a peer-to-peer support and wisdom network, connecting people with similar life experiences 🔅 You can interact with people who have been there, by either posting in a Group or by sending private messages. If you wish to just watch the chats, that is fine also! 🔅 To read the latest and best pieces of wisdom on Wisdo, click on the Wisdo logo on the bottom left. ❌ Please don’t share information about location, or personal accounts (such as Facebook), remain respectful ⚠️ Please mark any post containing information that could be upsetting with these words: “TRIGGER WARNING” ❤️ ALSO, when replying to someone’s post, makes sure you press the little reply button on the post! That way the person you are responding to will get a notification to let them know they’ve received some great support/advice. I am here for you always, Wisdo Guides
7 Jul
Hello Carmen, welcome 😊💜
18 Jul
Looking for something that can improve the quality of your relationships? Enhance the sense of meaning we have in our lives or quiet a racing mind? Perhaps you are needing to reduce the symptoms of hypertension or reduce stress and anxiety. A recent study showed that this might even slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s. Join us Monday at 9 am central at Joyful Retirement for an introduction to mindfulness. All are welcome and encouraged to participate if you want to.
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