Ice CreamAuthor
12 May
Hi everybody! I'm new to this group. Don't be shy about saying hi
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Maple LeafHelper
12 May
Welcome to the Wisdo community. My name is Roger and I have joined the Wisdo app in February of 2018 and I am now a Helper. I couldn’t have done it without my Wisdo community support system. Helping one person might not change the world, but to help one person could make a difference in their world. It is an environment where you will feel the peer to peer support, you will feel some comfort and you’ll want to join in the chats. We all support one another without judgments, and you’ll certainly find some comfort too. I call the Wisdo community my new home. A home to a better and healthier life. I’m hoping and wishing that you will find your self worth, self determination and self discipline by joining us. Be loyal to yourself and participate in the chats and reach out when you feel the need.
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